llabyellov goes outside

An outdoor, 40 minutes remix of llabyellov

Inside a transparent inflatable cube measuring 4x4x4m.


Many of my objects are sensitive to wind, they must be used in protected areas. 

But llabyellov is a 4x4 project (like the cube) and wants to go everywhere, even where it's windy.

Concept idea by Mathis Brunet-Bahut

When we watch something like juggling, as an audience, we are put in the role of "explorer", the same role the artist had when exploring a new juggling technique for the first time. The audience will find themselves as explorers, not in a jungle, but close to home; not with a wild animal, but with juggling.

A composition of juggling, colours, music, silence, lights, costumes, and jokes. 

With a visual and sensory character, but also ironic and surrealist.

A multi-format juggling solo, in 5 colours:

white, yellow, magenta, cyan, black

A 4x4m inflatable transparent cube. "The Jellyfish Aquarium".

An abstract object, in which abstract art is made, in a non-abstract space, the public space.


Coproductions :

BlucinQue/Nice (IT)

Circusnext (FR)

ECL - École de Cirque de Lyon (FR)


Officine Caos (IT)

Le Palc - Pôle National Cirque (FR)

Settimo Cielo Roma - Teatro La Fenice (IT)

Teatri di Vita (IT)

Resindencies :

Archipel 19 - Centre culturel de Berchem-Sainte-Agathe et de Koekelberg (BE)

Associazione Ideagorà (IT)

Centre culturel Wolubilis (BE)

Circusnext (FR)

Espace Catastrophe - Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE)

Officine Caos - Officine per lo Spettacolo e l'Arte Contemporanea (IT)

La Maison des Jonglages, Scène Conventionnée (La Courneuve) (FR)

Le Palc - Pôle National Cirque (FR)

Progetto Slip (IT)

Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (IT)

Settimo Cielo Roma - Teatro La Fenice (IT)

Teatri di Vita (IT)

UP - Circus & Performing Arts (BE)


Juggling + sound + writing : Carlo Cerato

Administration, production, diffusion: Collectif STP 

Help 1: Federica Peirone

Help 2: Cyrille Roussial

Help 3: Niccolò Piccioli

Costumes: Françoise Léger

Cube design: Mathis Brunet-Bahut

Light design assistant: Lou Morel

Friendly help: compagnia LAR, Virginia Tallone, Martina Monnicchi

Photos: Andrea Macchia

"Llabyellov goes outside" is a remix of "llabyellov",

designed to take the project outdoors, without losing its original character.