5 things I can do for you!

Be a juggler for ya show

You are a programmer looking for juggling acts. Maybe one of my acts is the right one, so, please, check the videos page on this website.

All of my act can be performed everywhere INDOOR, and they are around 8 minutes. I have basically no technical needs, and I will travel alone.

LLABYELLOV, as a complete long show, is not ready yet. Sorry!

Be a juggler for ya project

You have an art (circus, dance, theatre, performance art...) project and you'd like my juggling to be part of it, me being an actor for you as a director. Please, check some of my works on my videos page, because maybe I'm the right person for it.

I'm a very bad dancer, but I'm good at being on stage, and engaging with the audience. I have a tendency to be funny more than serious on stage, but I'm an adult and I can adapt to the needs.

More than that, I can create and perform music for your project.

Help your project for ya

You have a project, you like what I do or who I am (thanks <3 ), and you would like some help from a younger artist like me.

As an author in circus, I love helping to write sequences, numbers and shows. Maybe I can help your project by being an outside eye, a creation assistant, a coach, a question maker... Let's talk about it, let's see IF with what I know and what I do better I can help your project in some way.

It would be a pleasure, as this is a side of our work I love very much!

Make music for ya

You have a number, a show, a project of any kind, and you would like to have music created exactly for it. Let's talk about it, and see if I'm the right person to help, or if I know someone who could help you better than me.

Please, check the music page for more information and to listen to some of my works, which can be found on streaming services as Spotify.

I love music.

Teach ya

I can offer group workshops/stages.

I'd love to start teaching (not as a regular teacher) in circus schools.

And in Lyon I do 1 to 1 courses (yes, for real! superprof)

My work as a student has been mainly on mixed props (balls, circles, clubs), and in general juggling with several objects different in shape. My work is for a good half intellectual (based on questions, theory, dramaturgy...) and for the other half technical research, even if it is not in the direction of a high level, but of a large vocabulary of particular material, possibly original. This second part is based on the concept of "sensitivity", as described in Sebastian Kann's theses, and on Vincent Focquet's "humble circus" (or perhaps, it is better to say that it is based on my interpretation of their writings!)

As an author, I also love helping to write sequences, numbers and shows.

As a circus performer, I also love to follow people with different disciplines of juggling, in their research (I firmly believe that the bases of technical research are common to all disciplines.)

Found something interesting? Go here then! Let's make it real!