Carlo cerato

Carlo's biography

Carlo Cerato, exisiting since 1995.

He met circus at the age of 11, in Cuneo, thanks to the Fuma che 'nduma association.

He attends Flic circus school for two years, from 2015.

He gets in CNAC, the French National Circus Arts Center. Then he comes out in 2019.

He creates the company EDO Cirque, Circusnext laureat in 2021, with Léon Volet and Ramiro Erburu.

He creates the solo "llabyellov" in 2020, whose short form is selected at the 42nd Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, 2023.

In 2022, he started working as outside eye for the duo LAR, by Davide and Mattia Bonetti (and he is extra happy about it).

On April 27th 2022 he wrote the biography for this site.

Passionate about electronic music, he creates it for himself and other artists.

Passionated by abstract art, he says everything is abstract art if you look at it like that.

Passionate about science, he sometimes listens to podcasts and then tells everyone about it.

In love with: Sebastian Kann, Erik Åberg, Eric Longequel, Jay Gilligan, Michael Moschen, Kandinsky, Arthur Ganson, Felipe Pantone, Norm McDonald, Oneothrix Point Never, Richard Dawkins

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