4 acts are available


Delicate, oniric, light.

Cyan is not about lightness, Cyan is light, because the cubes are: they are the real stars of this number, I am only there to show them to you.

Cyan is a game of abstract shapes, trajectories, rhythms and materiality different from each other, which come together for a few minutes on stage, together with a colour: the cyan, of the costume.

Virtuosity leaves room for other qualities: delicacy, fragility, slowness, perhaps even beauty and poetry.

Music is made by me, and it’s called “Micheal Modugno”.

The music uses words from Michael Moschen, a juggler, and a song from Domenico Modugno.


Surprising, technical, funny.

Yellow is made of unexpected juggling, awkward silences, bad jokes and a very dramatic ending.

Sometimes a cool trick.

A lot of drops.

And of course an amazing costumes.

Yellow, the act nobody ever thought of, and nobody really wanted.

(real video coming soon!)


Weird, slow, hypnotising.

This act is too sexy to be bought legally.

But we are not afraid.

This will make you smile a bit, and think a lot.

Think about what?

Nobody knows.

Probably just "why?".

With music and light changes.

Perfect for summer shows on the beach in Italy.

magenta II

Elegant, poetic, para-virtuose.

A delicate object, the feather, used alone and with some more typical juggling objects: balls.

Magenta II is about the qualities of the feather: its fragility, slowness, weird dynamique, and what can we do if we tune to them.

A little overly-dramatic music, a beautiful magenta costume, a synthesizer solo ending.