A multi-format, juggling solo in 5 colours: white, yellow, magenta, cyan, black

Openly abstract, between Malevich and Kandinsky, but with an ironic and surrealist character à la Norm MacDonald.

We begin by talking about Erik Åberg's definition of juggling. Then the order of the material is decided to move further and further away from this definition, up to the ultimate essence of juggling: the jellyfish.

A "Folk Circus" [Jay Gilligan] style collage of juggling, music (live and otherwise), silence, lights, costumes, jokes. 

Lots of jokes, but very little laughter :'(

Finding objects with special skills, exploring them, composing them, re-exploring them, mixing them with other objects, recomposing, ad infinitum. It is the object that reveals its "truth" [Michael Moschen]. 

The simple pleasure of discovery, of observing something fragile, laughing at a stupid joke, audience and artist together.


llabyellov is a multiformat juggling project:


Juggling + sound + writing : Carlo Cerato

Administration, production, diffusion: Collectif STP 

Help 1: Federica Peirone

Help 2: Cyrille Roussial

Help 3: Niccolò Piccioli

Costumes: Françoise Léger

Light design assistant: Lou Morel

Friendly help: compagnia LAR, Virginia Tallone, Martina Monnicchi

Photos: Andrea Macchia



- january, 26-29 : "cyan" in Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris (FR) 

PS: I didn't win anything :'(

- may, 19-21 : première at Café Müller, Turin, thanks to blucinQue/Nice (IT)

- june, 6-7 : Nice festival, Chieri (IT)

- june, 10 : festival Barkacirq, Tarbes (FR)

- june, 17 : festival Terminal, Udine (IT)

- june, 26-29 : workshop organised by Circusnext for hearing impaired teens

- july, 8-10 : festival Ruggito delle Pulci, Savigliano (IT)

- july, 20-21 : festival Piazza di Circo, Mondovì (IT)

- 2 september : festival Mirabilia, Cuneo (IT)

- 30 september, 1 october : 서울거리예술축제 Seoul Street Arts Festival, Seoul (KR)

- 11 october : 3h workshop in SSAC, Seoul (KR)

- 13 october : MGFF festival, Mungyeong (KR)

- november, 17 : 7 Collines, Saint-Étienne (FR)

- november, 18 : théâtre de Cusset, Cusset (FR)

- november, 26-27 : "yellow" + "cyan" Ivar Heckscher 80's birthday, Stockholm (SE) 


- january : with Circusnext, Paris (FR) post-poned

- february, 9 + 11 : school project with Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, Lyon (FR)

- april, 5-7 : Dublin Juggling Convention (IE)

- april, 20-28 : residency with LE PALC, Châlons-en-Champagne (FR)

- may, 8 : festival Zaltimbanq', Luxembourg (LU)

- may, 11 : "cyan" convention Bibasse, Nancy (FR)

- may, 12-18 : residency with LE PALC , Châlons-en-Champagne (FR)

- may, 21-26 : Torino Fringe Festival (IT)

- june, 5 + 6 : festival Furies, Châlons-en-Champagne (FR)

- june, 8 + 9 : Carlow Arts Festival, Carlow (IE)

- july 8-14 : IJA (International Juggling Association) festival, Green Bay (WI-USA)

- july : Pargny Filain (FR) in discussion

- august, 2 + 3 : European Juggling Convention, Ovar (PT)

- september : festival Mirabilia, Cuneo (IT) in discussion

- september, 23-24 : Nice Festival, Moncalieri (IT)


Coproductions :

BlucinQue/Nice (IT)

Circusnext (FR)

ECL - École de Cirque de Lyon (FR)


Officine Caos (IT)

Settimo Cielo Roma - Teatro La Fenice (IT)

Teatri di Vita (IT)

Resindencies :

Archipel 19 - Centre culturel de Berchem-Sainte-Agathe et de Koekelberg (BE)

Associazione Ideagorà (IT)

Centre culturel Wolubilis (BE)

Circusnext (FR)

Espace Catastrophe - Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE)

Officine Caos - Officine per lo Spettacolo e l'Arte Contemporanea (IT)

La Maison des Jonglages, Scène Conventionnée (La Courneuve) (FR)

Progetto Slip (IT)

Scuola di Cirko Vertigo (IT)

Settimo Cielo Roma - Teatro La Fenice (IT)

Teatri di Vita (IT)

UP - Circus & Performing Arts (BE)

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